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Investigation, Conflict Resolution & Workplace Assessment

Need expert HR advice? Contact me today for a FREE 1 HOUR consultation to discuss if you need to engage in conflict resolution, workplace assessment or an investigation to address a difficult situation.

How it works

Did you hear the rumor? You know your employees are dissatisfied but you don’t know why. You received a complaint and you don’t know if you should investigate or not or if conflict resolution methods could be used.

I bring 17 years of professional experience in conflict resolution and investigation for a wide variety of workplace complaints. I assess the situation with you and together we decide on the best way to bring happiness back into your workplace. Let's start with a no commitment 1 hour discussion.

For all provincially & federally regulated employers.

Conflict Resolution

Using a variety of ways to address conflict in your workplace, from group or individual facilitated conversations to negotiation, together we will find a way to bring happiness back to your workplace.

Investigation  & Workplace Assessment

As a Private Investigator licence to operate in Ontario, I can help you navigate what to do after you receive a complaint or suspect wrongdoing in your workplace. 

Customized workplace assessment to discover the root cause of discontentment in your workplace.


Need Expert HR Help?

Working with me is the simplest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to solve workplace problems.

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