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HR Backpack

Get a customized human resources policies and procedures backpack to set your organization up for success.

Did you know: Not having an HR professional or department can be detrimental to your business. Running an organization without proper HR policies and procedures can leave you at risk for lawsuits, complaints, and human rights violations.

The Human Resources Policies and Procedures Backpack is designed with your needs in mind and is perfect for organizations that don't have on-hand HR resources

Easier than hiring a whole HR department.

I meet with you, identify your legislative framework, assess possible gaps that leave you vulnerable, and tailor the policies and procedure to your workforce for you and your managers to easily apply human resources in your workplace.

For provincially regulated employers in Ontario & federally regulated employers.

Available HR Policies & Procedures

Talent Acquisition and Management

Leave entitlement




Attendance Management

Workplace Accommodation

Flexible Work Options

Harassment & Violence Prevention

Occupational Health & Safety

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

And More...


HR Backpack In Action

In 2015 as a Senior Manager Policies and Strategies, I was asked to build a relocation policy for our employees being sponsored in Europe.  This challenge gave me the amazing opportunity to work with various key players from executives to finance and human resources operations to build a comprehensive out of country relocation policy that provided financial support for our employees and their families while protecting the interests of the Employer and ensuring compliance with Canada Revenue Agency. This project was recognized by receiving the Human Resources Division Award of Excellence.

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