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I'm changing the way businesses handle HR

Human Resources can be challenging: I am here to lighten the load. Through my career, I learned to think quickly on my feet, to be creative and to take calculated risks. Expert at developing unique strategies for not only surviving, but thriving as a business, I tackle projects with a collaborative, honest and positive approach.


Professional Partners

Strategic Human Resources Specialists


Career Strategist

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Web and Graphic Designs

Coach, Facilitator, Mediator

Lucie Lapierre, CHRL

Bilingual French English

I dream of helping organizations imagine their human resources in a different way to meet the ever-changing demands of the new world we live in.

Imagine has a licence to Engage in the Business of Selling the Services of Private Investigators in Ontario.

I have a Private Investigator licence for Ontario.

I am a strong Certified Human Resources Leader skilled in:

Key Successes

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Directed the COVID-19 OHS framework and protocol to protect our employees and our workplaces. Most of our worksites did not close and continue to serve the public (retail and CAF support). Myself and the OHS team, including the union partners, received the 2020 CEO Commendation Award for COVID-19 prevention efforts

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