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I fill critical HR gaps so you can get back to business.

Hi, I'm Lucie Lapierre and I have upwards of 17 years of experience as an HR leader. From making strategic decisions to developing your capabilities, I am here to lighten the burden of unexpected and complex workplace challenges.


Imagine human resources differently

I create HR Frameworks for professional teams. As an expert extension of your team, I ...

Improve your workplace and help your business grow
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Meet legislative requirements

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Foster a climate of psychological and physical safety for you and your employees


I am a problem solver. I am a creator of solutions. I am a compassionate and caring facilitator. I am an efficient and thorough investigator. I am a humble, optimistic, positive, empathetic and flexible leader.

Lucie Lapierre · CHRL

Professional Partners

Strategic Human Resources Specialists


Career Strategist

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Web and Graphic Designs

Coach, Facilitator, Mediator


Certified Human Resources Leader

Since 2005, I played an influential leadership role as a senior advisor to CHRO and as the Director of HR Programs and Services. I have had the privilege to lead various teams of HR Managers and HR Subject Matter Experts located across Canada and Europe as well as serving as a proud volunteer and staff member at 3 Military Family Resources Centres.

My work experience covers the military environment, retail industry, financial planning and insurance industry, recreational and fitness world, military and veterans family services, and Deployed Operations with the Canadian Armed Forces.


An expert extension of your business

I solve workplace problems.








"I have had the pleasure of working with Lucie for 6 years and she has been the consummate Human Resource professional who brings deep insight to labour law, regulations, and policies. Her strategic perspective of the “people enterprise” is always coupled with a caring and passionate view of the people who make up the company. Lucie provides perception and understanding from the simple to complex in employment matters resulting in practical solutions for the workplace."

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Focus on what you do best, I'll handle HR.

Get in touch and find out how I can tailor my services to fit your needs.

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